Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I retired around age 67 and began to work on my list.  By the time I was 70, I had completed most of

that list and was getting bored with life . I felt life was passing me by and it was not a

good feeling.  I also realized that no one else really cared about my station in life. The saying

“If you always do what you have always done, you always get what you have always got”

occurred to me. I have always been an avid list maker and have read every success book

known to man, so it was not like I did not have the directions to get out of my current

situation. What I had to do was practice what I had been preaching. I also knew that it took a

person, external to my situation, to be a factor in the revitalization process. I needed

someone to jerk me out of the ditch, to provide some creativity. Someone who thought

different.I hired a young person to help out at the office and through countless discussions,

recognized that they were providing exactly what I needed. They thought different,

functioned different, reacted different, and had lots of other differences. All of a sudden, I

found myself being different and thinking different as well. I was becoming energized. I

began to realize about what I said earlier; about it taking a person to jerk you out of the ditch.
Change takes a while. It takes lots of thinking and lots of doing. Different doing. I had

everything at my fingertips that I needed. I documented a great number of things

relating to my particular situation. In the classes I teach to clients, I have been telling the

participants for years that there were two spikes where people have significant issues in their

lives. One of those is retirement. All of a sudden your whole purpose changes. No longer do

you have a business to drive your day to day activity. Some of that I really like, such as

sleeping later. I enjoy staying up later and not having an early morning agenda. I can go to

the office late with no issues.  I decided that I needed something to occupy my time as well as

create some income. I had a great retirement income but that was not what I felt driving me.

 I had some personal goals I wanted to accomplish and it occurred to me that starting a new

company using social media would be a great venture and provide me with all the

ingredients to accomplish the next ten years of goals. So I set my sights on what to do.

Sometimes divine intervention occurs in our lives. A good friend of mine messaged me on

Facebook and asked me if I needed someone to help me with some computer issues. Well, I

did have a number of issues, so I called her up and asked her to come by. She was exactly

what I needed and more. All of a sudden the computers were fixed and I decided to let her

head up the social media project. She was the second person to bring about the needed

change. It is interesting how the right people can influence process and change.  So we

are off to a new beginning. Stay tuned for more information. The next blog will be about

internal noise and how it affects the way you think.

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