Friday, July 25, 2014

What is FUN?


      Fun \  noun \ˈfən\

                  : someone or something that is amusing or enjoyable                               : an enjoyable experience or person
                  : an enjoyable or amusing time
                  : the feeling of being amused or entertained

It seems that people are wound so tight these days that life becomes miserable and they do not experience much fun.

So what do you consider fun? Each of us have our own ideas about that. Kids might prefer a vacation to Disney World as their most fun thing to do. Or a new video game. To an adult, it might be a comfortable place to sit and to read a book. Or maybe go out to eat with some friends. Or maybe take a trip. My brothers and I sometimes take a day trip together. For your family, try a game together. A good one to start with is Left, Center, Right. You can find it a Wal-Mart for just a few dollars. All ages can play and it is really fun. Some like hunting and fishing, but my amateur radio buddies and I would prefer to take our equipment to Manley Mountain and try to make some contacts to some foreign country. My wife and daughter are having fun collecting backpacks for foster kids.

The whole idea here is to get you to thinking about what you do to have fun and how to do it more often.

So here is a challenge. Make a list of what you do or would like to do to have fun. To help with that, check into the web site of my friend Bernie DeKoven, .Bernie has created a whole business around fun. His website has tons of ideas about fun and his latest book,  Playful Path, is a great source of ideas for having fun.

If you get a good list, email it to me so I can get more ideas.

Have Fun!!

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