Thursday, September 18, 2014

Positive Thinking

 Enjoy Positive Thinking

We hear folks telling others to "Think Positive" quite often. So why are we promoting this type of behavior?

The benefits of THINKING POSITIVE are enormous. They cause us to be in a better mood, which rubs off on people. When you see a person you know in a retail store and they have a big smile and greet you, it leaves you with a good feeling. When a person comes in to work and they have a smile on their face, you immediately know that things are ok with them and that the day will be a good one.

There are untended consequences to a person with positive thinking. It seems that they get preferred treatment just because they are positive. It is actually that they are creating their own environment which in turn sets things in motion that allow their day to be both positive and productive.
If people only knew the impact that they could have on others, they might move to a more positive nature. It would be interesting to show each of us a video tape at the end of the day of our behavior. Wow, that could be devastating.

Being positive is healthy in many ways. It is self-encouraging for reaching our goals. We get much more accomplished when we have a great attitude. We do not let small defeats get in the way and we have an overcoming spirit that motivates us. When we have a problem, we tend to look at the bright side rather than the cloudy side.

All in all, being positive gets each of us further down the road and it allows others to be the same, which creates much more energy to win the race we are running. It actually is a fun ride and we can enjoy our own positive energy.

Positive Thoughts = Positive Feelings = Positive Life Experiences.

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