Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Positive Thoughts

An old term, “Garbage In, Garbage Out”, referring to computers, works for our minds as well. What we put in is what we are. “You are what we think” comes from Proverbs 23:7. Earl Nightingale, a popular motivational speaker created a record years ago titled “The Strangest Secret” and the secret was that you are what you think about. You can watch it on You Tube HERE.
It is only a few minutes and it will be worth your while.

Years ago, I tried an experiment on myself. I was used to listening to country music so country music would come in my head quite often. I switched to Christian music for a week and guess what, Christian music then came up in my head. We TRULY become what we think about. So what are you putting in your head? Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change. The choice to have a great attitude is something that nobody or no circumstance can take away from you.

Have you noticed that when you start the day off positive, good things naturally happen? It is as if you are a magnet and you draw positive things to you. You think better so you get better answers. You accomplish more and those around you appreciate you more.

Being POSITIVE is such a simple concept but it may require some practice. Try each morning by putting a smile on your face and being more positive as you interact with others. You could even add “Have a GREAT day” to the smile. Being positive is a part of influencing others. It rubs off on them as well. Try it, you might be surprised. 

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