Thursday, December 11, 2014

Common Denominators For Success

By: Kenny Anderson

The Seven Formulas for Success are universal truths that govern our choices. They consist of the following:

Formula 1: Within each of us lies unlimited potential.  The only limitations in life are those we         place upon ourselves.

Formula 2:  Success is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice.

Formula 3: Results stem from natural laws adhered to or broken.

Formula 4:  Wisdom is knowledge applied.

Formula 5:  Real success is the consistent application of correct principles in every aspect of life.

Formula 6:  Focus is achieved as we overcome roadblocks to success.

Formula 7:  A lifetime commitment to success is found in the persistent pursuit of excellence.

  The key to true and ultimate success in life is the proper application of these universal truths in every aspect of life.  Even though we may not share the same culture, race, or religion, you and I have the same fundamental needs and value the same aspects of life.  There are five areas that comprise our common values and give us framework for determining and measuring our success:

    1.  Faith
    2.  Relationships
    3.  Personal Development
    4.  Health
    5.  Resources (Time and Memory)

If we apply the seven formulas to our five core values, we will live a balanced life and achieve total success.

Life is composed of natural laws, which when adhered to can bring about profoundly effective results; however, when we ignore these laws, the consequences we yield can be painful and unbearable at times.  Just as every aspect of our lives is affected by the law of gravity or any of the other laws of physics, similarly there are other laws that determine the outcome of our choices, such as the laws of health.  One of those laws, for example, is that if you eat less calories than you burn, you will lose weight.  Sometimes we don't know or understand the laws and therefore, we don't know how to tap into the promised results.  Other times we may find success in one aspect of life but have a difficult time implementing that success in other areas.  The key is to keep seeking to know the formulas for successful, balanced life.

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