Wednesday, October 21, 2015


I had a discussion with a young person this week about each of us having much more potential than we realized. I shared a number of ropes course instances, activities that illustrated that we can do much more than we think. In each of these instances, the group was given an assignment that required lots of problem solving in their group to come to a solution. The answer to the challenge was not apparent and required going through several layers of solution. Many of these exercises could have been done by people in wheelchairs, so physical capability was not a requirement although the participants did not realize that.

THIS VIDEO and THIS VIDEO illustrate the same concept. Could an average person learn to use the hoop? I believe they could. We discount our capability. Do you think the guy doing this with the hoop can transfer the success of what he does to his personal and work life?

The process of overcoming obstacles is mental. We have had Presidents and Governors who were/are confined to a wheelchair. Does that limit their success? What limits our success? Are you stuck in a mental rut? If you want to challenge yourself, request our Creative Problem Solving Exercises. Email me at

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