Monday, May 12, 2014

Internal Noise

                    Internal Noise

Each of us talk to ourselves. We cannot keep it from happening. It occurs during every waking

minute. From the moment you get up until you go to sleep.
So what are we saying? Actually, we have programmed out minds in such a way that it (the mind)

runs on its own. It generates things and talks to us like someone whispering in our ear. There is a lot

 of physiology here, but I am limiting this to more practical things.
Many years ago there was a phrase “Garbage In – Garbage Out”. It related to computers. They will

only do what they are programmed to do and if you program them for junk, that is what you will get.

When we go to school, we are taught things that help us make decisions. We learn concepts from

numerous sources and we begin to think differently about things. We are programming our minds to

be more intelligent. What we learn impacts our whole life.
Proverbs 23:7 (paraphrased) says “We become what we think about.”
I did an experiment on myself several years ago. I was testing this process to see if I could truly

program myself. I had been reading self-help books and was attempting to inform myself about how

to be more productive. I traveled a lot and listened to country music. I found myself singing in my

head the same music I listened to on the radio. So I decided to start listening to Christian music

instead and see what would happen. After about a week, I found my head singing Christian music and
I had not told it to do that. I had actually reprogrammed my mind. Recently a news article told about

a rapper who recognized what the words were doing to his young daughters and he eliminated all the

music they were listening to because he did not want them to grow up with the rap music in their

head. He realized the same thing. Change what goes in and you will be what you change.

What do you read? A fellow named Millard Bennett said that if you spend 30 minutes a day studying

a topic, and do it for 5 years, you will have the equivalent of a Dr.’s degree in that topic.

I was recently told by a young lady who made pottery that she had to log her time and when she had

spent 6500 hours working in pottery, she would be at a master level.

So where do you spend your time. If you are selective, you cannot just program yourself, you can

become an expert. And without spending any time in a classroom. Sure going to college would speed

up the process, but you can do it on your own if you want.

So if we are talking to ourselves, why don’t we control what we are saying? Our greatest power is

our power of choice. Choose your own destiny.
Affirmations are phrases we can say to ourselves. We can choose to put in phrases that will program

our subconscious. I first learned about affirmations when trying to be a better salesman. And it

works. Athletes repeat affirmations. My Facebook page is filled with them. I read them every day.

So what are you putting in your head?  What are you telling yourself?

Find the direction you want to go and begin talking to yourself about it. Write some affirmations and

begin to make positive changes. You will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

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