Friday, April 17, 2015

Basic First Aid Kit Supplies

The following is a list of first-aid supplies that everyone should have at home, in the car, workshop, office and/or activities center because you never know when an accident may occur.

1. Carrying case: Any type of case that you have around the house (even an old purse will do). I prefer to use a small plastic toolbox or tackle box.

2. Band-aids: include 12 to 18 band-aids of various sizes

3. Adhesive Tape: Include 2 rolls of tape. 1 roll should be ½ inch and the other should be 1 inch.

4. 4 X 4 gauze dressings: include 12 of these individually wrapped sterile pads.

5. 2 X 2 gauze dressings: include 12 of these individually wrapped sterile dressings.

6. 4 inch Roller Gauze (Kling): Include 4 rolls

7. 3 inch Roller Gauze (Kling): Include 4 rolls

8. 2 inch Roller Gauze (Kling): Include 4 rolls.

9. Ace Bandage: Include 1 - 4 inch roll. This can be used for strains and sprains and also doubles as a pressure bandage to control bleeding.

10. Ice Packs: Include 2. These are used to help reduce swelling.

11. Sterile-Strips: 1 package. These are also known as Butter-Flys, Adhesive Sutures, And Adhesive Closures.

12. Betadine Antiseptic: 4oz bottle or 12 individually wrapped swabs.

13. Neosporin Ointment: 1 tube. This is a topical antibiotic.

14. Cortisone Ointment: 1 tube. This is especially helpful with any contact dermatitis (i.e. poison ivy, oak)

15. Benadryl tablets: 1 package, 24 tablets, 25mg/tablet. This is an over the counter antihistamine that will help control allergic reactions (Be sure to read and dispense as per the directions on the package)

16. Eye wash: 1 small vial. I prefer a normal saline wash but any type will do.

17. Bandage scissors/ trauma scissors: 1 pair. Do not let your household scissors do double duty. These scissors are blunted and won’t inflict any further injury.

18. Forceps: 1 pair disposable splinter forceps (Tweezers)

19. CPR facemask

20. Non-latex gloves

Supplied by Eddie Turner

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