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Two heavy-duty freezer bags (gallon and quart size)
Tincture of iodine 2%
Regular space blanket (bronze and silver sided type)
One roll dental floss
Surveyor’s tape (3-4 feet)
Peal less brightly colored plastic whistle
Paraffin-coated, strike anywhere kitchen matches in match safe
Disposable butane lighter (non-childproof, adjustable flame)
Magnesium block fire-starter with hacksaw blade striker
6-8 cotton balls saturated in petroleum jelly in film can
Magnifying lens
Flashlight with spare batteries
Carbon steel knife with sheath
Clear plastic drinking tube (2-3 feet long)
Collapsible, 1-2 gallon water container
2 — 55 gallon barrel liners
Heavy duty space blanket
Wool stocking cap
Cotton bandana
100 feet of 550 cord
3x5 inch glass signal mirror
First aid-kit
2 candy bars
1-2 water bottles wrapped in duct tape (nalgene)
Fanny pack or small daypack

A “Bug Out Bag” is different than a “Survival Kit”.

A bug out bag is very specific and is used to get you from one location to another. Typically the destination, distance, and routes are known. The bug out bag contains what you need to make that trip as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A common planning period for a bug out bag is three days, but modify this to suit your conditions and plans. After three days it is used up and no longer useful. This means, for example, it will contain food rather than the tools to get food, and water rather than water treatment tools.

Some basic things found in a bug out bag include:

* Water - At least a 1.5 liters minimum
* Signal devices - Cyalume, Flares, Strobe
* Map/compass/GPS
* Food - Take enough for 1-3 days
* Cash
* Medical Kit
* Multi-tool
* Mags

In contrast to the BOB, the Survival Kit is meant to sustain life for an unknown time under primitive conditions and includes tools to:

* Gather Food
* Collect Water
* Build a Shelter
* Take Care of Medical Emergencies
* Signal
* Start Fires

A bug out bag should be designed first to expedite your bug out, and then a primitive survival kit should be added. Keeping the two functions separate in your mind will improve the way you think about your selections. There will be some overlaps giving you efficiency and the dual design will give you some back-up gear and methods.

Web gear consisting shoulder harness, belt, eagle butt pack, 1 qt. canteen, cup, stove, and cover, water purification tablets, 12ga ammo pouch, airborne belt first aid kit.

Camelback 100 oz
In the buttpack:
VS-17 signal panel
emergency lifeboat rations 3600 cal.
small packs of oxo boullion
spare Hel Hanson toque, gloves (liner) and socks
Mini mag lite
L.E.D headlamp
Multi tool
strike anywhere matches dipped in wax in waterproof container
fire starter
V.O.K kit
Military strobe
aerial flare
survival blanket (2)
notepad 3"x 4" write anywhere type
small pencil
GPS Rhino 130 doubles as 2 way radio
spare AA batteries
small amount of toilet paper
small hatchet
550 cord.
snare wire
Cold steel SRK knife
Sat phone & spare battery
6 12 ga slugs/6 61/2 birdshot
Top of the line Silva ranger compass and Ariel photo of area.

My bug out bags vary to the situations I encounter, work, urban, holidays (Air travel) (Yes I do carry one on holidays) and the seasons as climate is a *****.
If a person requires meds should carry enough for that 3 day period.

My survival kits are more intensive for the situations also Truck, ATV, wife’s car, camp, and home.
As a rule my kids and myself go through our kits every three months, ensure everything is there and good repair.

I have bug out bags of one sort or another in my Jeep as well as my wife's car, one at the office, one at my brother's house, two prepositioned at rural friend's houses north and south of town, as well as multiple go bags, survival kits, 3 day packs and Camelbacks-half loaded etc.

BUT, I have one primary BOB that if I had 30 seconds to grab crap and shove the family in my Jeep, this is it:

Keep in mind I keep lots of stuff in my Jeep or my wife’s car. However, if I had to travel on foot, this BOB would do the trick just fine.

Medium, frame-less ALICE.

7x5 piece of waterproofed ripstop parachute nylon. (camo)
2 space blankets
50 ft 550 cord
50 ft cordage
small pk of screws, nails, clips, duct tape
2 poly adult sized ponchos-heavy, camo
2 garbage bags

Some of this stuff has been overpacked w/ a food sealer-nice and tight.
3 field stripped MREs
2 pounds rice
1 pound beans
1 pkg lifeboat rations
small zip bag of coffee and tea, sugar, salt
Crackers, MRE peanut butter
6 BALANCE bars
4 pc beef jerky

1 filled USGI canteen-soft
1 20 oz bottle of water
1 Sweetwater water filter w/ brush, screen, coffee filters, rubber bands
6 Iodine preps
6 water treatment tabs
1 empty Platapus water bag

2 Bic lighters
1 "fire kit" w/bic mini lighter, steel/flint, tinder cubes, life boat matches, waxed paper
1 waterproof container of strike anywhere matches
2 eight hour candles
1 Esbit stove w/ 3 tabs
1 small can of sterno

1 Grundig SW radio inside a fitted case, w/ extra batts, long antt. List of stations and freqs
1 Bearcat scanner preprogramed w/ local public safety, surrounding county-same, plus lots of others
Signal kit w/ mirror, penflare and 5 flares, whistle, handheld flare, signal panel
2 GMRS radios in ALosaks.

1 multi tool
1 WETSU survival kit
1 Airforce pilot's survival knife
1 Gerber folding saw
1 Old Buck lock back
1 metal cup w/ foil lid
2 spoons, 2 forks, 1 knife
1 Boy Scout cook pot-small w/wire bail (no lid)
1 small metal bowl
Solar battery recharger w/4 AAs, 4 AAAs. (rechargeable type)
Waterproof case with extra 123 batts and coin batts for Reddot sights, M3 and Surefires

3 white 8 hour light sticks
1 red stick
1 green stick
1 Minimag light
1 LED pinch light
1 Princton tec headlamp in its case
1 "shake" light

HYGIENE-no more diapers yahoo!
Package of baby wipes
Smashed half roll of toilet paper
7 tampons, 7 panty thingy's
Camp suds 4 oz bottle
finger toothbrushes (4)
chap stick
small tube of petroleum jelly-Eucerin?

2 pairs socks-his and hers(sealed)
2 pairs grundies-his and hers (sealed)
4 pairs kids socks, 4 pairs kids undies (sealed) Rotated out each year, sized a bit large in case
extra fleece pullover, OD, vacuum sealed-nice and tight
2 sets kid's sweats
2 pairs gloves-nomex, flyers
2 wool watch caps
spare glasses w/ nerd strap (me)

1 boo boo kit w/ band aids, Neosporin, meds, eye drops, dental repair kit, tape, etc
1 Blowout kit w/ H bandage, TK4, Traumadex, Primed, ACE, 2 safety pins, 14g needle, Nasal airway, gloves
Other medical: 2 USGI dressings, eye patch, 2x2, 3x3, and nonstick pads, 1 Thin Cinch, short SAM splint, pet gauze, syringe, EMT shears, bandage scissors, iris scissors, hemostats, splinter forceps, temp dot as well as glass thermometer, #11, #10 scalpel blades, 3M 5 shot stapler and remover.

maps of AO, routes etc
Arial photo of same
Range Card-360 degree
Pen, pencil, waterproof paper grease pencil, sharpie
prepaid phone card
Contact list
Thumb drive w/ business and personal info
USGI lensatic compass
small button compass

This all fits into a medium ALICE and is easily carried by me.

Origin of this document is unknown.

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