Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Survival Run

I have shown this video hundreds of times to groups. The YouTube link gives you the first three minutes of a 12 minute video, but that is enough to give you the idea of the situation.

This masterfully executed film features blind marathon runner, Harry Cordellos, who runs the difficult Dipsea course through the majestic country near San Francisco guided only by the voice and arm of his sighted partner. Beautifully photographed, Survival Run is an inspiring study of courage, trust and determination. It is an unforgettable study of a highly motivated team that overcomes seemingly insurmountable limitations and risks to achieve their goal.

It is a great exercise to spend a little time thinking of yourself as each of these people and the challenges we get into throughout our lives.

1. In what ways are we like the sighted man? Who are we assisting? In what way do we give directions? Do we seek feedback? Do we take things for granted?

2. In what ways are we like the blind man? What assumptions about our sighted guide are we making? Are those assumptions true? Have we asked the necessary questions? Have we talked about trust? Is there danger ahead? In what ways do we communicate?

The video is also a great tool for teams. How do teams depend on each other?

Also for married couples. In what ways are we each of the two characters?

I have a good friend who is a school teacher and each year for many years she has borrowed the video to show her class and have a very rich discussion about some of the questions above.

I challenge you to find someone to watch the video with you and talk about your communication with others.

There are also many spiritual connections you can make.

BTW: You cannot get this from Netflix. It is a commercial training video and will cost you $250, but you can get it at a significant discount for educational purposes or home use. For more information, click HERE.

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