Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Consistency And Discipline

Many people desire success, whatever that may mean to themselves. Everyone has a different definition. But there are two behaviors that are necessary to be able to get to the goals that have been set. These are consistency and discipline.

We need to know where we are headed. We should have some goals of some kind and if we are anywhere close to being serious about them, they should be written down. We should have a list of actions that need to be accomplished to reach these goals. This is where consistency comes into play. If we do not make an effort to do something about these actions, we will not reach our goals. Those who have goals and who are consistent, accomplish much more than others. They are labeled as being lucky because they are getting results.

The ability to be consistent requires discipline. We must be able to eliminate the outliers that distract us from getting what we want. When we get serious about our actions and goals, we quit doing things that get in the way. For a college student, it could be studying for a test or doing homework. You can put something off for so long or the consequence catches up with you. Another example is looking for a job. There are jobs everywhere for those who want them. But you have to get out of your chair and seek them out and then you have to be responsive to the process each organization uses. I have seen job seekers sit around for months when there were jobs available from day one.

Your greatest power is the power of choice. If the results are not what you want, then change something. Situations produce unintended consequences because no action was taken.

There is a term called “Singleness of Purpose” that relates to discipline. When we get a laser focus on a goal, we are able to accomplish much more. So defining what we want is a major component of our goal setting. Like focusing a camera, everything comes into clear view and we have the basis for success. When we take action, something happens.

When you are in the ditch and look backwards, it is easy to see why you are there. Identify your mistakes and replace them with positive actions. Work on changing what needs to be changed.

We develop patterns of habit through the process of doing something repetitively. Make sure you have good habits and create some good ones to replace others that are not getting you where you want to go.

Proverbs 23:7 says “You are what you think about”. Evaluate what goes into your mind and then fertilize the things that you need to focus on. Ideas lead to thinking which leads to action which leads to results.

Consistency and discipline are continuously observable in high performance people and provide a physical snapshot of their true values.  The culture of their life is defined as what they do when others are not present.

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