Wednesday, May 27, 2015

People Can Make a Difference

Man hugging man.Barber cutting man's hair.
The Barber who offers haircuts for the price of a single hug!

You pick up the newspaper, turn on the television and you see nothing but bad news. People hurting people, hurting animals, damaging our environment.  Good news and good deeds are out there, but we don't hear of those because they don't sell newspapers or attract television viewers.
However, there are still good deeds that are done by many, we just may have to search a little harder.
The following pictures were taken from an email that is currently in circulation and from around the net. They brightened my day and gave me hope and I hope they will do the same for you and will encourage you to do something positive for someone else.  Feel free to share with me your act of kindness or any you may see around you. Post it on here or on my Facebook page. I look forward to hearing about the great deeds performed around us!

Man giving homeless girl his shoes.
The man who gave the shoes off his feet to this homeless girl.

Man helping woman with luggage.
The man who missed the train to help a lady with her bags.
Man helping woman cross road.
The Motorist who stopped to help an old woman pass safely.
Card of pet paw with signatures from vet staff
The people at the animal hospital, knowing how hard it is to say goodbye.

Receipt of car tires
The person who decided to put new tires on a stranger's car just because he needed it.
Man buying coffee at Starbucks.
Dan, a man who twice a week, buys coffee for every patient, nurse, and doctor at local cancer centers.
Box with Tennis balls and sign in memory of dog, Phoebe.
The Dog Owner who mourned by giving.
door with sign offer free drycleaning to jobless
This dry cleaning place that helps the unemployed for free.
Homeless man with kindle.
This man who gave something to a homeless man no one gives:  Something to occupy his mind.
Disabled boy in front of fast cars.
The many people who helped make this boy's dream come true.
Medics shoveling driveway.
The paramedics who took an elderly man to the hospital and then came back and finished shoveling his driveway for him.
Store employee tying man's shoe laces.
This store employee who gives extra service.
Sleeping cat under umbrella
This man who gave his umbrella away so this cat could have a dry night.

Crowd carrying boy in wheelchair.
The crowd who decided a fan should be able to watch the show no matter what.

Police officer handcuffed to girl.
This police officer who handcuffed himself to a woman to make sure she knew she would have to take him with her.

Football player
High School QB Plays For Rival Team In Place Of Injured Athlete, Embodies True Sportsmanship

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