Friday, June 5, 2015

BOUNCING BACK: Capturing the Essence of Life

Traumatic events do not happen often in our lives, but when they do, they impact every fiber of our body. The recent floods in Texas as well as the tornadoes are only a small illustration of a traumatic event. Automobile accidents, over doses of drugs, sports accidents, and other incidents are sprinkled throughout our lives.

Are you prepared when an event occurs? 

There are ways you can prepare for events such as these. EMS and Emergency Room personnel deal with these on a daily basis. How do they cope?

One of the first things to do is to separate yourself from the event. Try to think of yourself as being a mental distance away so you can digest all that is going on. This allows you to have a cool head and think about the situation.

You can generally only do one thing at a time. What are you going to choose? Are distractions an issue? Focus on that one thing and get it done. Then move to the next item. 

As you deal with problems, there are three types and approaches to take:

Type I – You have all the resources and authority to work with. There are no restrictions. 
Type II – With the help of someone else, you will have the resources and authority to work with.
Type III – You can only recommend to someone else who has the resources and authority.

Being able to break down the issue into these three types will save you time and energy. It will allow you to break down an issue and determine what you can and cannot do. It saves a lot of unnecessary energy in trying to do something that you cannot impact. It also eliminates conversations that people get hung up on and just complain about. 

Another technique that really helps is writing down a quick plan to get some action items going. Write down three areas and make lists under each.

These areas are:
Start, Stop, and Continue

What do I need to Start doing, Stop doing, and Continue doing to accomplish my goal and get moving on a solution. This technique simplifies an action plan and is easy to work with.
Good luck in your efforts. The above techniques will serve you well at numerous times in your life.

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